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Financial Services

Hummel Planning serving the greater Tacoma, Washington area with meetings in-person, and virtually everywhere in the United States

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Financial Planning


  • Goals based financial planning is a method of planning that begins with your future dreams and desires.

  • Review where you are today and create a plan.

  • Implement and monitor your progress towards your goals.

  • Continue to mold the plan as you progress.

Financial Planning+

Non-Traditional Relationships

  • Planning begins with the same goals based financial planning seen in traditional financial planning.

  • As an Additional step, we address the unique financial, medical, legal, and estate challenges non-traditional relationships face.

  • Financial planning for a non-traditional relationships, heterosexual unmarried partners, LGBTIQ+ partners and other nontraditional relationships.

Asset Management


We know managing your own investment portfolio can be daunting, cumbersome, or maybe you just don't have time for it. We recognize that portfolio management it isn't for everyone. That is why Hummel Planning offers an asset management solution that is available to our current clients.

Asset Management+

Morally Mindful

As with Traditional Asset Management 
We invest your money based on your identified goals and agreed upon financial plan.
As an added step, using your core values as a guide, we select investments that embody those values so your money is supporting the causes you care most about and exclude the investments that oppose them.

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We Are Not


What this means to you.

We can:

  • Review your tax filings returns

  • Give tax saving advice today

  • Recommend actions to lower future taxes

  • Work with your CPA

We can NOT:

  • Represent you in an audit

  • File your taxes


What this means to you.

We can

  • Review legal documents

  • Identify gaps in documents

  • Recommend updates to documents

  • Recommend legal documents

  • Work with your Lawyer(s)

We can NOT:

  • Create legal documents

  • Give legal counsel

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