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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a fiduciary?

Yes, I am held to the fiduciary standard which means I have to act in your best interest regardless of the compensation I receive. I am legally, ethically and morally required to act in your best interest at all times.

How will you assist me in reaching my goals?

 I have a three step process:

  1. Learn about you. (Your needs, goals, current situation).

  2. Build your custom financial plan

  3. Implementation of recommendations

How are you compensated?

I am a fee-only financial planner, which means my only compensation comes from the services I provide to you.  I do not get paid any commissions, kickbacks, trails, or any other fees.

What if I live in another state?

I provide services across the United States of America via telephone and video conference.

Do you provide comprehensive financial planning?

Yes, from the budgeting basics to complex estates and everything in between.

Are you experienced in helping clients in my age group or stage of life?

Absolutely, we have assisted people in all stages of life and wealth.

I'm a business owner with a large cash-flow, but not a lot of cash to invest. Can you help me?

Yes. In our first meeting (following our introduction) we will review relevant areas of your situation to identify where I can be of greatest assistance to you.

What are your professional credentials?

  • 2013- Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  • 2015- Series 66.

  • 2021- CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, designation.

    • As a CFP® professional Sean is required to:

      • Adhere to strict ethical standards.

      • Pass a series of rigorous coursework and exams.

      • Have a four-year college degree.

      • Possess more than 3 years of experience in financial planning.

      • Required to take continuing education classes each year.

What is your professional experience?

  • 2013- Portfolio Accountant, for a private fund manager in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • 2014- Financial Advisor, for Merrill Lynch Bank of America in San Antonio, Texas.

  • 2018- Founder of Hummel Planning, LLC

My money is in my employer's retirement plan. Can you assist me with those investments?

Yes. I am able to assist with any and all of your assets regardless of where they are. Including rental real estate, company stock, and large stock positions.

What happens to my assets if something bad happens to you?

Your assets will remain invested, and your accounts will be protected under SIPC up to $500,000 per account type. This is slightly different from FDIC or NCUA in that it doesn't protect your assets from losses due to the selected investments.

What is your investment philosophy or style?

I believe in passive investment management.

Do you accept or pay referral fees?


Have you ever been disciplined by the SEC or FINRA?


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