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Sean A. Hummel, CFP®  Was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Planning and strategy came naturally to Sean, allowing him to excel at games like Chess, RISK and Star Craft.

Inspirational Spark of Passion

Starting at a young age, Sean’s parents taught him to help others. Sean embodied those teachings, always looking to help those around him. From saving a drowning swimmer at the beach during rough conditions, to reaching something on the top-shelf.

It was in college that Sean realized his aptitude in the areas of finance and strategy, complimented his helping nature in the field of personal financial planning. Sean enjoys everything from daily financial decisions, to once-in-a-lifetime events.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Finance from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  • Associate’s degree from Peninsula College in Peninsula, Washington.

       (Sean was recruited to play soccer for 2 years at Peninsula College. )​​

  • Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America​

Professional Experience:

Sean was recruited from UAF by a private investment firm McKinley Capital Management in Anchorage, Alaska.  He enjoyed, yes ENJOYED learning and being a part of the day-to-day trading operations of an active investment firm. However, something was missing, the personal connection with those being served by the firm. It was with that realization that Sean decided it was time to follow his calling; to help people one-on-one as a personal financial advisor.  

He got this opportunity with one of the biggest investment firms in the world at Merrill Lynch. Sean tremendously enjoyed his work, helping people in a wide variety of financial topics. He knew this was his calling. Over time Sean realized many cooperate firms had drifted away from their founder's purpose and vision of helping people. Sean decided the best way to reclaim those values was to become a founder himself.

Founding of Hummel Planning, LLC

Sean launched Hummel Planning in 2018. With the focus of genuinely helping you live your best life.

Hummel Planning is one of a handful of pioneers reshaping the financial industry by 

providing financial services on a hourly-only and Fee-only basis.

Memberships and Designations

Personal Life

Sean and his wife Aly have a golden-doodle named Avicii. They enjoy weekend trips to the mountains, backpacking, camping, and downhill skiing.

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